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3 Ways The IoT is Changing IT

Posted by Katherine Creeden on Feb 25, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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shutterstock_155472707.jpgThe Internet of Things is taking over the world. Almost anything and everything can now be controlled by another device you own. With the Internet of Things’ omnipresence growing, homes will not be the only things changed. Businesses will also need some updating.

  1. IT equipment will be more connected than ever.
    Today, we see equipment changing left and right. With the power to connect and share data constantly, our IT equipment could share these capabilities, allowing us to know when we need to update our equipment beforehand to minimize downtime. Our equipment could also provide feedback on the system as a whole.

  2. New vulnerabilities will be present.
    While vulnerabilities exist in all applications we currently use, these vulnerabilities will grow. With the growing connectivity comes new vulnerabilities. More information will be stored on the cloud, leading to limitless entries to your data. We know that we can take so many precautions to secure our data with 283 passwords containing make-believe characters not seen on the keyboard to the regular eye, but hackers will still get to your information like the little ninjas they are. Stay ahead of the game by adjusting your cyber security.

  3. IoT will help reduce overhead costs.
    Because everything will now be connected, the IoT will help reduce overall costs. First, IoT can help reduce the amount of energy and power a company uses. Setting your devices and systems to automatically power off when not being used is a quick and easy way to reduce costs right away. Your building can even be controlled including the electricity and HVAC systems. Optimize both to reduce consumption.

Have you adopted the Internet of Things approach? Let us know how in the comments below!

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