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5 Steps to a Better Data Center

Posted by Katherine Creeden on Jun 9, 2016 8:00:00 AM

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Data_Center.jpgYour data center is one of the most crucial components of your business. Without it running smoothly, it seems as though everything else can quickly unravel.
Try some of the Monkeys’ tips to improve your data center.

  1. Reduce cooling power consumption
    The lower the power consumption, the better. It is important to keep in mind that older equipment uses power inefficiently. Start by determining the actual power consumption of your center to eliminate the overuse of power.
  2. Consolidate
    Some companies spread their data between multiple data centers. With a constant need to access the equipment hosting your data and the constantly changing networks, it seems as though it would be easier to host one data center versus several. Data needs to be closer to the end user for easier access. Virtualization can also help improve the utilization of the servers.

  3. Focus on long term costs
    The costs of data centers fall into two main categories: the actual equipment and the cooling process. Work on eliminating cooling inefficiencies by making greater use of outside air and isolate hot air. By relying more on natural air, you will begin to see more money in your account to spend on bigger needs in your data center (like upgrading equipment).

  4. Design your center with safety in mind
    Your business’ information is the most important thing your business has- it’s your livelihood. When designing your data center, keep data breaches in mind. Encrypt your data and assign rules for accessing such data.

  5. Replace outdated equipment
    Like every other consumer product these days, the newer generations are better. With data center hardware, the newer generations are created to consume less power. Replacing old equipment with newer generations will help with number one on this list.

Have any other tips on how to improve a data center? Let us know in the comments below!

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