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Meet The Monkeys | Tiffany

Posted by Charlotte Boman on May 9, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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We love getting to know our customers so we thought we would let our customers get to know us a little better too. Next up in our Meet The Monkeys series is one of our Visual Designers, Tiffany:

Meet Tiffany!Tiffany.jpg

Name: Tiffany

Title: Visual Designer

Describe an average work day for you: I have such a wide variety of tasks, and I love it! From creating graphics, to designing and coding HTML/CSS/JS, to taking and editing photos of people and products, to making how-to videos, I get to dabble in so many areas. I get so much hands-on experience, and it’s refreshing to work on new challenging tasks every day.

Use two adjectives to describe yourself: Meticulous, eclectic

How long have you been with ServerMonkey? Since July 2014, so almost 3 years!

What brought you to ServerMonkey? I was a student at the University of Houston, and I worked for Sony. I wanted another job to fill in my schedule since my classes left me with some open days, so I searched through the UH College of Technology career services and found ServerMonkey. I applied, was hired, and ended up getting so much more than I expected.

What is your favorite movie or book and why? I rarely watch movies or read novels, but I do watch TV shows like GoT, Peaky Blinders, Narcos, and The Office, Orange is the New Black, etc.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I enjoy spending time with my 2 dogs, playing flag football, practicing yoga, creating spreadsheets to organize things and occasionally couponing. I’m hoping to start traveling more.

Favorite thing about working at ServerMonkey? The insurance benefits are pretty awesome but also the work environment and the people here are awesome.

Thanks for sharing, Tiffany! You can see all of our Meet The Monkeys posts here.

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