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Will Passwords Become Obsolete?

Posted by Katherine Creeden on Jan 20, 2016 9:30:00 AM

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shutterstock_276347936.jpgNowadays, the average person has 3 million passwords- an exaggeration, but it is beginning to feel like the truth. Every website, store, and building now requires you to have a login and password. Even while creating your new login and password, there are more caveats: password must be alphanumeric and contain uppercase, lowercase, and a symbol. As we move forward in our technologically advancing world, will the password soon become obsolete?

The Beginning of Biometrics

Concerns are growing around the security of passwords due to the increasing market of the Internet of Things. With the growing amount of products connected to the Internet and each other, so grows the unlimited possibilities for hackers. Thus bringing about passwords based on biometrics.

With the newer generation of Apple products came the Touch ID. Simply record your fingerprint in various positions, and your fingerprint is saved to unlock your device. While various Android devices also have their version of Touch ID, Apple helped put these biometric passwords on the map. Apple, Android, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft are all turning to the option of biometrics. Soon, you may not have a choice for the typical keyboard password.

Concerns and Possibilities

Instead of your typical password any hacker can guess with a few keystrokes, your devices will unlock with fingerprint scanners, facial recognition, voice recognition or retina scans. While initially we think biometrics are more secure than the traditional password, biometrics also have their concerns. What happens if you use voice recognition and lose your voice… how will you unlock your device? Additionally, your biometrics data cannot be changed or provided anonymously. While there are still concerns like these, biometrics passwords currently prove to be more secure.

What are your thoughts on age old passwords being ditched for biometric screening? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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