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Top Tech Gifts of 2014 - Part 2

Posted by The Monkey on Oct 31, 2014 9:33:00 AM

tech-gifts-624x343Christmas is only 54 days away! But no need to freak out because you haven’t begun to think about what to get for your loved ones. We’ve got you covered! In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, we’ll be listing 25 of the most talked about gadgets to get for the special people in your life, or you can just treat yourself. 6. Ricoh Camera

The Ricoh Theta is a slim and portable camera that captures the world around you with spherical images. The camera shoots 360-degree photos that you can view in any direction. The Ricoh Theta has 4GB of internal memory and can hold up to 1200 shots. With an app compatible with both iPhone and Android you can use remote shooting and manual shooting.

Ricoh camera

7. Breathalyzer Keychain

Holiday parties mean the spiked egg-nog is flowing aplenty. Give a gift and potentially save a life with the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer. Compatible with Android and iPhone devices, the breathalyzer on a keychain displays your blood alcohol content (BAC) on your phone and can estimate when you’ll be sober.


8. Samsung Chromebook 2

Google recently released the latest version of their top-selling laptop, the Chromebook 2. The Chromebook 2 operates on the Google Chrome OS and has 4GB of memory. It’s the perfect gift for those that spend most of their computing time on the internet.


9. Headphones

Nothing says, “I love you”, like ignoring someone with a great pair of noise cancelling headphones. Thankfully, you can take your pick between Beats and Bose, and choose the expensive pair that suits you or your loved one.

beats  bose

10. GoPro GoPro cameras are all the rage right now and capturing radical moments like snowboarding, surfing, and chugging whiskey at a wedding from a first person perspective. GoPro offers several models of the waterproof camera and price points start at $129.99. Mount the GoPro almost anywhere and use the GoPro App to control the camera remotely.


See anything you like? If not, head on over to last week’s post to spark some ideas. Check back with us next week for the next installment of top tech gifts of 2014 that are sure to melt even the coldest Snowman’s heart.

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